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Instagram: donze093

xBalance 5 mesi fa
Dove tutto iniziò❤️
Milan Ok
Milan Ok 5 mesi fa
si ma i soldi per avere tutto ció da dove li prende?
Stone 91
Stone 91 5 mesi fa
Amos Beretta
Amos Beretta 7 mesi fa
Grande Donze mi son guardato tutti i tuoi video continua così 🙏
Fabio Silvestro
Fabio Silvestro 7 mesi fa
Bei traversi...👍😉 8 mesi fa
Powerslidelower 🤩
William Pallocchia
William Pallocchia Anno fa
Te sei un pazzo frate
Leonard Wolfram
Leonard Wolfram Anno fa
How was it??
Bilbon Saker
Bilbon Saker Anno fa
Top moi je kifff 😊👌
Töratarö 卍 sama DEATH 【寅太郎 卍 様DEATH】
Töratarö 卍 sama DEATH 【寅太郎 卍 様DEATH】 2 anni fa
Khalid Farooq
Khalid Farooq 2 anni fa
Please someone tell me the location of this road......😊😊😊
Roni Gavazi
Roni Gavazi 2 anni fa
dawid dawidowski
dawid dawidowski 2 anni fa
Crazy ;D
Nathan Osbourne
Nathan Osbourne 2 anni fa
@Donze093 You need to upload the full video man.
Dill Pickles
Dill Pickles 2 anni fa
Traction off, light rain, and drifting up a winding mountain road...better be able to afford another laferrari
Ллирик Лир
Ллирик Лир 2 anni fa
lorenmorgan2010 3 anni fa
That road sucks and it slick out!
Svapo Clone
Svapo Clone 3 anni fa
Quei tergicristalli dozzinali... mamma mia
B L 3 anni fa
nihilisticaf !
nihilisticaf ! 3 anni fa
That's one hell of an induction sound
Costa T
Costa T 3 anni fa
Only two types of people drive their Ferrari on a rainy day...people who are stupid rich and people who lease
Emanuel-RJ-Sniper 3 anni fa
l amico tuo che fa nella vita a parte i drift? è Pablo escobar del passo della misurina? :) comunque questa macchina è spettacolare beato lui!!!! vorrei avere la sua fortuna!
Jeremy Booth
Jeremy Booth 3 anni fa
Can't drive for shit! Gonna wreck that beautiful car.
nutellagnuen 3 anni fa
The only fast moving in this video is the cameramans hand shaking.
codsac 3 anni fa
brave.. driver and passenger.. slick roads
Mac Diddles
Mac Diddles 3 anni fa
Older Ferrari’s sound better
2WHEEL [HOON] 3 anni fa
dude cant evan drive the thing LOL
膠力愛 3 anni fa
Crazy fast at 58 kph, that's really crazy
Bruno Rivademar
Bruno Rivademar 3 anni fa
The torque on that thing is tremendous, he's barely touching the throttle :o
Patrick Facca
Patrick Facca 3 anni fa
How it should be driven
Different Shades Of Mundane
Different Shades Of Mundane 3 anni fa
Nice but the sandero is faster.
Benjamin 3 anni fa
Smiggie 3 anni fa
LOL traction control hero
M S 3 anni fa
Das sieht nicht sehr schnell aus.... :)
Robert Gerritsma
Robert Gerritsma 3 anni fa
I think a 918 would kill it on these mountain roads
Robert Gerritsma
Robert Gerritsma 3 anni fa
Nice car te drive on a dry track, sounds great, but very slow with a light drizzle on mountain roads!
Sean Nguyen
Sean Nguyen 3 anni fa
Why the fuck are you filming the instrument panel?
Tanasaudi Reader
Tanasaudi Reader 3 anni fa
Noob driver!!!!! Just kidding great driving bro
Joey Chen
Joey Chen 3 anni fa
Happy to find out my car has something similar to a La Ferrari... the usb cord laying on the drivers side in the exact same way
The Deans
The Deans 3 anni fa
Molto bene
Derb Merb #1
Derb Merb #1 3 anni fa
Anyone else love the interior? Is that fuckin suede bro? Fuckin suede dood mother fuckin suede
Robert Gerritsma
Robert Gerritsma 3 anni fa
Its called Alcantara
Ioan Charger
Ioan Charger 3 anni fa
sounds like my lada
Gabe McIntosh
Gabe McIntosh 3 anni fa
looks fun! to bad these cars are insanse to maintain.
窦唯潇洒 3 anni fa
Hassan Alzaabi
Hassan Alzaabi 3 anni fa
And when he fucking sells the car he will say to the buyer I never go more than 75 miles 🖕🏽
Twisted Spinner
Twisted Spinner 3 anni fa
finally somebody who has a supercar and can drive
Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson 3 anni fa
Twisted Spinner search up DEEZ NUTZ he has a super car and can drive too
MrAlexargame 3 anni fa
Crazy fast...understood.
MAXimum 3 anni fa
Не могли бескаркасные щетки воткнуть за такую цену))
Gene Hall
Gene Hall 3 anni fa
Crazy fast? I don't think so.
Aidan Gutierrez
Aidan Gutierrez 3 anni fa
Omg wtf this is not a la Ferrari it’s a fucking fxxk do your research before u post stuff
Robert Gerritsma
Robert Gerritsma 3 anni fa
The fxxk is owned by Ferrari and wil only be transported to an official racetrack of your liking with a pair of mechanics to help set up te car. It is the rules of Ferrari themselves and can be altert.
Aidan Gutierrez
Aidan Gutierrez 3 anni fa
Robert Gerritsma have you ever heard of a savage that doesn’t give a fuck about the rules and laws ??????
Robert Gerritsma
Robert Gerritsma 3 anni fa
You do your research, the FXX-K is NOT road legal and can only be driven on a track!
Aidan Gutierrez
Aidan Gutierrez 3 anni fa
Stopping PowerX what
Son Dao
Son Dao 3 anni fa
Props to this man for driving his Ferrari, not just any Ferrari, but LaFerrari in the rain.
JacUSMCphysics 3 anni fa
The driver is either very inexperienced or just a douche. He can’t even hold the steering wheel while accelerating.
Dennis Xu
Dennis Xu 3 anni fa
What is wrong with your camera? Why are you zoomed in that much?
Marcelo Schulter
Marcelo Schulter 3 anni fa
Nice car bad filming
Explictly 3 anni fa
Kenneth Trejos
Kenneth Trejos 3 anni fa
Explictly v12
Василий Леонов
Василий Леонов 3 anni fa
Блять дворник от девятки чтоли!?
Killerinator 3 anni fa
come and hate me but i think that car is really ugly would never buy it even if i could afford it...
Michael Sedgley
Michael Sedgley 3 anni fa
5th gear for 50mph smh
Michael Sedgley
Michael Sedgley 3 anni fa
Wait!!! That's kph? Even worse. Scrap the car and give him a fucking Honda jazz
Michael Sedgley
Michael Sedgley 3 anni fa
Nice car. Poorly driven. How can you have the audacity to purchase this car when you can't drive. Micro balls
L A.
L A. 3 anni fa
this car is way too dangerous i understand that ferarri woul want to keep rear wheel drive but its too dangerous if you are not a pro with almost 1000hp the should have went with 4 wheel drive this isnt a f1 car
David 3 anni fa
i go more faster than you in a m3 csl
Sean Loughrey
Sean Loughrey 3 anni fa
Look how fast I can go in a straight line............
Cogito ergo sum
Cogito ergo sum 3 anni fa
Fucking idiot, ur a danger to other people! Shame on you, egocentric maniac!
5LToro El Toro
5LToro El Toro 3 anni fa
sliding the la ferrari like a champ!!! your a boss@the driver
Johnny Ringgo
Johnny Ringgo 3 anni fa
this is lame..fuckin loser
Aasa C
Aasa C 3 anni fa
you choose the wrong battle field to prove it's fast On the back road, it has less advantage and looked no difference than subaru...
???????????? 3 anni fa
I've never seen such a limited edition car being driven in a crazy fashion, while in the wet. Both scary and awesome.
Måsen `
Måsen ` 3 anni fa
Now this is how u are supose to drive super cars
mr.Rager 3 anni fa
wreck that shit so other units appreciate
GuidedPirate 3 anni fa
balls the size of cantalopes
Manuel Ceniceros
Manuel Ceniceros 3 anni fa
The momet is ferrari fake
!それな 3 anni fa
Adrian Wesker
Adrian Wesker 3 anni fa
The La Ferrari is a hypercar not a supercar.
Austin George
Austin George 3 anni fa
He’s not a good driver.
6SpeedMustang 2 anni fa
Austin George shut the fuck up you scrub no you could not you prob drive a 1999 civ
Austin George
Austin George 3 anni fa
La Finale I most certainly could
ChrisWYC 3 anni fa
Austin George i bet u can’t even go pass second gear if it put u behind a la ferrari and on a mountain road like that with traffic when raining.
Luke Doherty
Luke Doherty 3 anni fa
Why the fuck was he in 5th gear going 55mph?
KnurdMonkey 3 anni fa
Sembra la strada che da Cortina porta al Faloria.
Hitmaniak17 3 anni fa
this is crazy :) in rain :D
sp royals
sp royals 3 anni fa
That's slow, bet any sporty hot hatch will be alot quicker
Leo 3 anni fa
this is a 3 million dollar car
Matt 3 anni fa
sp royals he has traction control off and he’s sliding into hairpins in a big LAF in low rpm & low gear lmaoo how do you sound rn
Austin S
Austin S 3 anni fa
Imo it doesn't even sounds nice in the cabin... Wtf ferrari? The sound is basically the only reason to get one of these instead of a tesla lol.
vinny240sx dba
vinny240sx dba 3 anni fa
Dude cant drive at all several times the car allmost hooked and whent of cliff his dumb ass will destory that la Ferrari evantually rip to that Ferrari
Jr Varela
Jr Varela 3 anni fa
English better understand . Dam LA.
Henk Peters
Henk Peters 3 anni fa
This guy knows how to drive
Jerome Lieberherr
Jerome Lieberherr 3 anni fa
In what country was this shot?
Эдоардо Баркатта
Эдоардо Баркатта 3 anni fa
Jerome Lieberherr Italy
David Taylor
David Taylor 3 anni fa
A hell of an expensive car to take the traction control off, nice driving and kudos due
Viral Clown
Viral Clown 3 anni fa
Please... I go faster in my Prius
Markson Wilson
Markson Wilson 3 anni fa
Viral Clown a v8 prius, and this means what?
Viral Clown
Viral Clown 3 anni fa
Markson Wilson
Markson Wilson
Markson Wilson 3 anni fa
You own a prius:(
Midwest Mopars
Midwest Mopars 3 anni fa
Viral Clown you must have the worlds first 700 hp Prius
David Brasset
David Brasset 3 anni fa
That's not crazy fast, it's barely fast. Look up the yellow bird 911 to see crazy fast
Jon Murdock
Jon Murdock 3 anni fa
That's what I like to see buy it and drive the shit out of it.dont crash it though that wouldn't be good.7 million dollar car that's alot of bread.
Bryn Dunbrack
Bryn Dunbrack 3 anni fa
Great video of the dash
Tomáš Vocokomude
Tomáš Vocokomude 3 anni fa
Vorname. Nachname.
Vorname. Nachname. 3 anni fa
more like superfast badum tsch
flyingshitty brokemyheart
flyingshitty brokemyheart 3 anni fa
1 sub for your car (Please, don't think i really mean it)
wrona 3 anni fa
But whats crazy here? Watch some WRC Onboards and this Ferrari video will look like slow sunday trip to fishing lol
Never broke Again
Never broke Again 2 anni fa
Pc -gaming-awesome I the fastest I ever been in was a mustang GT
Gabrael Borgen
Gabrael Borgen 3 anni fa
Watching and experiencing is totally different
kamojii 3 anni fa
3million dollar*
wrona 3 anni fa
+Alpha Cars
Alpha Cars
Alpha Cars 3 anni fa
TGambler 3 anni fa
The guy drive a multimilion car But he know what he doing
mody6930 3 anni fa
OMG!! That was scary!!
ur1off 3 anni fa
thats what a performance car is about! not rolling start, see how quick in a straight line, top speed bs
Eryk 3 anni fa
Shitty cameramen
Haldun Gelelioglu
Haldun Gelelioglu 3 anni fa
He can't even drive!! Idiot...
Mirko Badrov
Mirko Badrov 3 anni fa
Crazy fast!? Re-think title,please...
Ben Day
Ben Day 3 anni fa
It does look pretty fast . Going sideways =going fast
Tyler Villarreal
Tyler Villarreal 3 anni fa
Supra fanboy detected
ツOhSlothz 3 anni fa
Mirko Badrov it is crazy fast tf
Edward Nichol
Edward Nichol 3 anni fa
how its meant to be driven
Giacomo Bolzoni
Giacomo Bolzoni 3 anni fa
Di a Power di fare altri video che si è creata una setta in suo onore che ha bisogno di materiale
Corrado Laccetti
Corrado Laccetti 3 anni fa
La Ferrari mitica
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